The Importance of Chimney Caps

Consider this: without a chimney cap installed at the top of your chimney, your home has a hole on the roof. Thinking about a chimney cap in this way illustrates just how important this chimney component is. However, All Seasons Chimney regularly sees chimneys without caps and chimneys with damaged caps, so we thought we would tell you exactly why chimney caps are so important to keep your chimney working efficiently and safely.

The Importance of Chimney Caps Image - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney

Protection From Weather

The most important function of a chimney cap is to prevent water from rain and melted snow from getting into your chimney. You may have heard us quote the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) by saying that water is the biggest enemy of a masonry chimney. If water enters your chimney, the bricks and mortar will absorb it, and this can lead to structural problems. During the winter, the water trapped inside the masonry materials of your chimney will freeze and expand. When this water begins to thaw out, it can create cracks and breaking in the bricks and mortar. This type of damage left unrepaired can cause tilting and leaning of the chimney and possibly even lead to a collapsed chimney. Protecting your chimney from water penetration with a chimney cap is one of the least expensive steps you can take as a homeowner.

Protection From Animals and Birds

If you have had trouble with birds or animals entering your chimney, you should consider installing a chimney cap with mesh metal siding to keep them from being able to get inside. When the temperature drops in the winter, birds and animals look for a warm, safe place to nest, and your chimney could be the perfect spot. These critters can cause expensive damage to the interior walls of your chimney, and their nesting materials can block the exit of your chimney, which can lead to a chimney fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Prevent birds and animals from being able to enter your chimney with the professional installation of a chimney cap.

Protection From Accidental Fires

That mesh metal siding that keeps birds and animals out of chimneys serves another purpose: preventing hot sparks and burning embers from jumping out of the chimney to land on the roof or in your yard and ignite an accidental fire. Also known as a spark arrestor, a chimney cap with mesh metal sides can go a long way in reducing the risk of accidental fires on your roof and in your yard.

If you need a new chimney cap, contact us at All Seasons Chimney. We can help you find the perfect cap or create a custom cap that we will install on top of your chimney to give you the ultimate protection against water penetration, animal invasion, and accidental fires.