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COVID-19 Company Precautions

To Our Valued Customers,

Please read the following note carefully as it confirms that, as an essential business, All Seasons Chimney Inc, Hudson Valley, NY will remain open and functioning.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus situation in the United States of America has continued to evolve rapidly throughout the past several days. Many measures have been decreed to help hinder the spread of the virus and address public health concerns.

Governor Cuomo has issued an executive order mandating that 100% of the workforce must stay home, excluding essential businesses. effective as of March 22nd, 2020. The Order effectively limits activities outside the home to essential personal activities and work that provides essential business functions.

All Seasons Chimney Inc delivers products and services that are used to ensure safe and essential operation of heating and ventilating appliances critical to the safety and health of the general public. All Seasons Chimney Inc provides critical and necessary services that directly correlate and affect the general public health and safety.

As an essential business, our team is committed to keeping our business open to deliver these critical and essential services to protect and ensure the safety and health of our customers in a timely and reliable manner. Chimney and home safety are a very real concern and are essential to all residences and businesses. Chimney services are essential to public safety and we will stand with all of our customers in this difficult time.

We will make a commitment to stay open and service you as we always have while you directly make homes and businesses safer. All Seasons Chimney will continue scheduling new appointments as well as serving the appointments currently on our schedule.

  • There will be no handshakes, fistbumps, high fives, or contact of any kind during our appointments.
  • We will keep several feet away from our customers at all times.
  • We will wear gloves and masks at all times.
  • In addition, we will be using hand sanitizer before we arrive and when we leave the property.

All of these precautions will be company policy until further notice.

We recognize that these are unsettling times and whether you use All Seasons Chimney now or in the future, we want you to know that you and your home’s safety and wellbeing are our first priority.

We understand these are unprecedented and unsettling times. Our best wishes go out to those who have been affected by this virus and its impact, and truly appreciate all those throughout the world who are on the front lines working to combat the spread and tend to the needs of people in our local communities. Thank you for your business, partnership, and confidence as we weather this difficult and challenging time together.

All Seasons Chimney does not shy from the American people and will not let New Yorkers down. You can always trust that we will do everything in our power to make sure that chimney safety and home safety are adhered to.

Thank You,
Kevin Fox


How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

indoor air qualityWinter weather can be brutally cold here in the Hudson Valley, which means you are probably spending more time inside than you would normally spend. Unfortunately, staying indoors all winter can make you sick, especially if the air quality inside your home is not as good as it could be. In fact, it can be challenging during the winter to keep indoor air quality healthy because there is not as much air flowing from outside into your home, which can trap allergens inside your home. This can lead to serious respiratory issues, especially if you or any members of your household have asthma or another type of medical condition that affects breathing abilities. For over 25 years, All Seasons Chimney has provided professional chimney and venting system services to the Poughkeepsie region, and our expert team has training and experience in the best ways to improve indoor air quality. To help you and your family breathe easier this winter, we would like to share with you a few tips that can make the air inside your home cleaner and healthier.

Clean your floors often.

According to WebMD, one of the most important things you can do to reduce indoor air pollutants inside your home is to use a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with rotating brushes, strong suction, and a HEPA filter on a regular basis. This type of vacuum cleaner ensures that the air is not blown back into your home in the exhaust. For the best protection, it is recommended to vacuum two or more times every week, and you should also include cleaning the filter in your routine. Not only will frequent vacuuming reduce the number of harmful chemicals and concentrations of lead from the air inside your home, but it will also remove allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. After you have vacuumed, you should then thoroughly mop the floors with plain water to remove any allergens and toxins that were left behind. You may even want to find a microfiber mop that does not require any type of cleaning product because they have been proven to remove more dust and dirt than regular fibers. Another suggestion to reduce the number of indoor air pollutants is to keep a large floor mat by each door. Even if people forget to wipe their shoes on the mat, it will still trap the majority of the pollutants.

Keep the humidity levels inside your home between 30 and 50 percent.

Since moisture creates the perfect atmosphere for mold and dust mites to thrive, All Seasons Chimney recommends that you use a dehumidifier during the winter to keep indoor air pollutants under control. Other ways to keep the humidity levels under 50 percent include using an exhaust fan when cooking, refraining from overwatering indoor houseplants, venting your clothes dryer to the outside, fixing leaky plumbing, and emptying the drip pan in your dehumidifier.

Use natural products to freshen the air.

When it is too cold outside to keep your windows open, the air inside your home can become stale and smelly, but you should never be tempted to use aerosol air fresheners as they can emit many volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including those that have been regulated as toxic or dangerous by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Instead of reaching for a spray can to freshen the air, you can use natural products that will not pollute the air inside your home. To keep your kitchen fresh and clean, we recommend that you use sliced lemons and baking soda. Another natural way to combat stinky indoor air is to bring plants inside your home because they can actually help to purify the air. The foliage and roots of plants such as ferns, aloe vera, and spider plants work together to absorb any chemicals in the air that were released by synthetic materials.

Have your chimney professionally swept and inspected at least once a year.

In order to ensure that your chimney is functioning efficiently and safely, All Seasons Chimney recommends that you make an annual appointment with one of our professional chimney sweeps to sweep and inspect your chimney and fireplace system. You can trust us to make sure that there is no damage or other issues in your chimney that could lead to toxic combustion gases like carbon monoxide leaking into your home. We will also remove every bit of flammable creosote from the inner chimney to greatly reduce your risk of experiencing a chimney fire. This will also help to keep your home smelling fresh and clean throughout the year as the heat and high humidity of the summer can intensify the acrid and unpleasant smell of creosote.

By following these tips, you can improve the air quality inside your home, which will help you and your family to breathe easier and remain healthy. Contact us today at All Seasons Chimney to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced chimney sweeps to sweep and inspect your chimney. We are here for all of your professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation needs.