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Protect Your Home from the #1 Cause of Dryer Fires by Scheduling a Dryer Vent Cleaning

In the past, dryer vents were made of a weak vinyl material that we now know breaks down pretty easily and doesn’t fair well with condensation. Nowadays, newer homes are built with stricter regulations that ensure dryer vents can withstand a lot more. But if you live in an older home, there’s a good chance things aren’t set up the way they should be.Loading a Dryer - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney

Along with this, vents today are typically constructed longer so they can accommodate the convenience of having dryers in easy-to-access areas of the home. This can make them harder to clean and more prone to clog up (especially if lots of twists and turns are involved).

Because of this, regular maintenance is more important than ever. Unfortunately, dryer vents still tend to be largely neglected, which can lead to some serious issues throughout the home (the biggest being fires). In fact, most dryer-related fires could have been easily avoided if proper dryer vent care was implemented sooner.

Other issues, such as disconnected vents, improper installation, and more can also lead to major problems. We’ve come across homes that had disconnected vents dumping lint into their attic for years!

Needless to say, regular dryer vent maintenance is a necessary investment – and one of the teams at All Seasons Chimney is here to help with.

Dryer Lint – The Best Kindling

If you’re going camping, it’s often recommended to bring dryer lint with you. Why? Because it’s the best kindling! Once lint comes near a fire it ignites instantly and spreads like crazy, ensuring you get your outdoor fires started with ease.

That being said, this isn’t something you want happening in your home. When lint is given the opportunity to build up and start accumulating in your dryer, it won’t take much for it to ignite and start spreading flames through your vents.

In fact, while most folks assume dryer vents fires start in the vents themselves, the truth is that they actually tend to originate in the dryer! All in all, getting out any build-up well before it starts backing up into your appliance is essential – and the sooner this is done, the better.

How Do I Know When I Need a Cleaning?

Now, knowing when you need a cleaning isn’t always as obvious as seeing lint form in your dryer. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re due for one, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Your clothes are taking forever to dry. This is probably the most common (and most obvious) clue that your dryer vents need help. All too often, people think their dryer is on its last leg only to invest in a new one and experience the same problems all over again. Before spending the money on something new, be sure your vents aren’t the thing causing the inefficiency.
  • Nothing is coming out of the exhaust. If your dryer is running and you’re not seeing any fumes escaping outside your home, then there’s definitely a clog somewhere. And if this is the case, dangerous gases will likely end up in your living space! Having carbon monoxide and other fumes enter your home is highly dangerous and can lead to serious (sometimes fatal) health issues. Don’t take any chances – call us in!
  • Your dryer feels exceptionally hot. Sure, your appliance is prone to feel on the warm side after running a load of laundry. But does it seem to be burning up? This is a good sign that things are getting a lot hotter than they should. A good vent cleaning will ensure everything is venting properly, so nothing overheats. Your clothes or the room itself may seem hot, too!
  • You’re smelling something musty. Hot, burning or musty smells are all indications that something is amiss. If you’re noticing strange odors when you go to switch laundry loads, it’s a good idea to have everything checked out.
  • Lint everywhere. Like we’ve said, keep an eye out for lint! If it’s coming out of the lint trap, piling up in the dryer, or showing up in other areas of the laundry room, something is either clogged up or disconnected.
  • It’s been over a year since it’s been cleaned. In the end, most experts recommend investing in a dryer cleaning once every year. This ensures nothing is missed or overlooked… and it allows you to stress less about fires and gas leaks, too! Give us a call today to get your appointment booked.

We’re Qualified to Handle it All

Whether it’s a dryer vent cleaning you are in need of or something fireplace or chimney-related, the team at All Seasons is here and eager to assist. When you’ve had as much experience as our crew has, there isn’t much we haven’t tackled! Folks trust in us because we’re known for being reputable, reliable, and professional. If you’re looking for the best in Poughkeepsie, we’re it!

Call today to schedule your appointment. We’d be happy to take a look at your dryer vents or, if it’s your chimney that needs attention, we can book an inspection for that. Don’t wait – call now!

Why Heavy Wall Stainless Steel Liners Are the Best Choice for My Chimney

Chimney liners are a vital piece of chimney anatomy. In fact, operating your fireplace with a liner that is deteriorated, decayed, or incorrectly installed can put your home and family in serious danger. Your risk of house fires will increase dramatically, and your chimney will suffer, too, inviting cracks and decay.

The CSIA highlights three major roles that your liner plays:

  • It protects your masonry. The acidic fumes and water vapors that your fires produce will eat away at your brick and mortar if given the chance. A liner helps prevent this, thus protecting your household from gas leaks, smoke, and carbon monoxide.
  • It protects adjacent woodwork. The more exposure your woodwork has to high heat, the lower its ignition point becomes. If left unprotected, it will eventually catch on fire, and flames could quickly spread throughout your home.
  • It enhances efficiency. Proper draft and good airflow are essential to running an efficient fireplace. If you want the most from your appliance, a well-fitted liner is a necessity.

Needless to say, liners are important! That being said, some liners do the job better than others, so exploring your options and noting the benefits and drawbacks of each is a must. Here at All Seasons Chimney & Masonry, we recommend our heavy wall stainless steel liners. There’s simply no denying these are the superior option.

The Benefits of Heavy Wall Stainless Steel Liners

We sell and install three types of stainless steel liners: light wall, light-heavy wall, and heavy wall. We typically recommend the heavy wall options because you’ll get more protection, heightened efficiency, and a better experience, overall.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney

One of the biggest benefits of these models is their smooth, seamless design. Bumps and ridges hinder airflow, but with one of our stainless steel liners, that won’t be a concern for you at all. What does a smooth surface mean for your fireplace? A 20% increase in draft! Your fires will burn hotter and you’ll use less fuel, too, saving you money in multiple areas. These products pay themselves off in efficiency.

Another benefit is how easy they are to install. Alternative styles require a lot more work to fit to your chimney, and there’s a higher risk of experiencing damage during installation because of this. Heavy wall styles automatically lay flat when you roll them out, allowing for a better fit and a quicker installation overall – that’s less labor costs for you!

In the end, heavy wall stainless steel liners are a better value. And remember that we offer a lifetime warranty on these products, so you won’t have to stress about relining again anytime soon.

What About Aluminum Liners?

Now, aluminum liners are attractive because of their low price point. By investing in one of these over a stainless steel option, you’d be saving hundreds of dollars in the here and now. So, why not take this route?

Well, this is one scenario where it’s best to look at things in the long term. Yes, aluminum liners are far less expensive, but if your home is older, then at some point the previous homeowners burned oil in that house. This means that leftover residue will still be lingering (even if this was done 80 years ago), and your liner will get eaten away because of it.

And we’re not talking about slow deterioration over multiple years. Within about 6 months of installation your liner will be useless. Because of this, we don’t do aluminum liners. We want our customers to get the best value possible, and aluminum liners simply do not offer that.

Basically, if you get an aluminum liner now, you might as well schedule an installation job for a new one in a few months. It’s simply not worth the time, stress, or effort, and you’ll likely pay more over time. Not to mention, your structure won’t be as protected, so you’ll likely have damages to address, too. By the end of it all, you’ll have spent a lot more than you anticipated.

Reduce the stress and hassle by choosing stainless steel from the start.

Always Trust a Professional With Your Chimney

As you can tell, there’s a lot of physics that goes into operating an efficient fireplace. This is why it’s always best to trust the experts at All Seasons Chimney & Masonry. We’re certified with the CSIA, have earned a Master Chimney Technician certification, and we’re members of the NCSG (National Chimney Sweep Guild) and the NYSCSG (New York State Chimney Sweep Guild).

We take training and education seriously because it’s the best way to ensure we’re informed and up to date on it all. When it comes to chimneys and fireplaces, this is the most effective way for us as sweeps to guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

Schedule an Appointment With Us Today

If you are at all concerned with the state of your chimney, don’t wait to give our qualified sweeps a call. We’ve been serving Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, Orangeburg, Otisville, Dover Plains, and more for over 25 years, and we would love the opportunity to prove ourselves to you, too.

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