Let All Seasons Waterproof Your Chimney

Water has no business being inside your masonry chimney. Unfortunately, much of your chimney may be susceptible to leaks and water damage, which can end up being incredibly expensive to repair. Whether or not you use your chimney, we recommend having it professionally waterproofed to protect your home from water damage. We often see leaky chimneys manifest themselves in areas other than just the chimney. For instance, we find that many of our customers with leaking chimneys complain of stains on the ceilings and walls adjacent to their chimneys.

In our work at All Seasons Chimney, we view the chimney like a fortress. Not only do we want to make it strong and able to safely vent toxic gases, but we also want to prevent water from entering it, as leaks can impede the integrity of your chimney and make it unsafe for use. One of the best ways we do this is by applying a waterproofing agent to your chimney’s brick and mortar. Believe it or not, masonry—mortar especially—can be quite porous, and will actually drink up rainwater, drawing it into your chimney. However, by applying a waterproofing product to your masonry chimney, we are able to reduce water penetration by as much as 99.9%. And because the product we use is vapor permeable, water vapors are still able to pass through your chimney bricks when your chimney is in use.
Brown Stone Chimney after waterproofing treatment

Why Waterproof A Chimney?

  • Your chimney’s masonry will be protected from water penetration for a decade following the professional application.
  • Your chimney will be protected from efflorescence, stains, mildew, and fungus.
  • Your chimney will benefit from the added freeze and thaw protection.

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How To Prevent Chimney Leaks

Though we’re focused on waterproofing on this page, there are lots of other important ways to prevent water from getting into your chimney. After all, if you have a masonry chimney without a crown, it won’t do you much good to waterproof your masonry, since having a chimney without a crown is like having a house without a roof.

Depending on the condition of your chimney, the type of chimney you have (masonry or prefabricated), and the source of your leak, our technicians will likely recommend a combination of one or more of the following to prevent chimney leaks:

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Repairing or replacing the flashing around your chimney may fix your water leak, so ask us for more details today.