Chimney Rebuilding By The Experts

If a chimney is badly damaged or if it has been felled by a weather event or old age, you’ve likely found us because you live in the Hudson Valley area and need someone qualified to rebuild it. If you’ve already experienced the loss of a chimney, we’re willing to bet you want to have your chimney built correctly and built to last so this will be the first and last time you’ll have to locate a chimney builder. Good news: All Seasons Chimney, Inc. is perfect for the job.

Broken Brick Chimney with missing bricks on a shingled roof

The History Of Chimney Building

Chimney building goes back more than a thousand years; historians place the chimney’s origin sometime around the twelfth century. Believe it or not, prior to the invention of the chimney, people would build fires in the center of their homes and vent the smoke through a hole in the roof or through tubes inserted into the walls. Most living spaces remained filled with smoke.

The first iterations of the chimney as we know it today could only be found in upper-class homes. Even still, they were unsafe and inefficient. Built of waddle and daub and coated in mud, dung, clay, and straw, these chimneys easily caught fire. By the early 17th century, English courts mandated that chimneys be built of brick and mortar, which are still the preferred materials today. The courts also stated that chimneys should extend four-and-a-half feet above the roofline. Meanwhile, in America, we built our chimneys of wood and lined them with clay. Needless to say, chimney fires were rampant. Fast-forward to the 20th century and tests conducted by the National Bureau of Standards during the ’40s and then again in the ’80s. These tests deemed unlined chimneys so unsafe as to be “criminal,” ushering in a new and very improved era of chimney safety. Today’s chimneys are (or at least should be) all lined to keep them from catching fire.

Chimney construction has continued to evolve, changing along with our choice of heating appliances and our better understanding of fire safety. By rebuilding damaged, unsafe or improperly constructed chimneys, the pros at All Seasons Chimney can help increase the safety, efficiency and enjoyment of your chimney system and home. Read more about chimney history here.

Count On Us For A Chimney Built To Last

With over 25 years of experience building, repairing, and caring for chimneys in and around the New Windsor, New York area, All Seasons Chimney knows how to build a proper chimney. When building/rebuilding your chimney, you can count on our chimney masons to do the following:

  • Conduct thorough pre-construction planning
  • Heed all local chimney construction codes, including height and clearance
  • Select the best chimney material for your budget
  • Match your chimney design to your heating appliance and fuel type
  • Properly size your chimney flue for optimal venting
  • Properly construct your chimney from top to bottom
  • Line your chimney flue
  • Install chimney flashing around your chimney
  • Install a cap or top-sealing damper atop your chimney

Do you need to have your chimney rebuilt? It’s not a simple task, but we’re up to the challenge. And better still, we strive to make the process as painless as possible for our clients. Contact the experts at All Seasons Chimney, Inc. by calling (845) 567-1217 or clicking here.


Is your chimney masonry crumbling or in need of cleaning? Ask us for more information on our chimney repair services.