All About Chimney Flashing

Ever wondered about the band of stainless steel or copper that lies at the place where your chimney and your roof intersect? That’s called “flashing,” and it is an integral component of any healthy chimney because it keeps this vulnerable seam weatherproof. Flashing usually appears to stair-step up the base of your chimney, because it is cut, bent, and woven together to maintain water tightness. As such, this is known as “step flashing.”

The dimension of every chimney is different. Likewise, the pitch of each of our customers’ roofs is different, as are the roofing materials, the age and the condition of the roofs. This is why flashing installation is a custom project that’s done on site. Needless to say, it’s best left to a professional.

When installing flashing around our clients’ chimneys, we not only rely on our decades of experience, but we also try to think like water. We know that rain doesn’t just fall straight down from the sky but can also be blown sideways onto your roof and chimney. Over time, we’ve learned all the paths that water tends to travel to enter your chimney and we’ve learned how to close off these common entrances.

Why Is My Flashing Leaking?

When All Seasons Chimney, Inc. gets a call about a leaking chimney, our first thought is usually of the flashing. Flashing too often fails for one of the following reasons:

  • It was poorly installed in the beginning
  • Improper materials were used
  • It is old and worn out
  • Your house has settled and shifted
  • Part of your flashing is missing due to weather or animal tampering
  • Your flashing is rusted through
  • Your flashing is covered in roofing tar
  • You need a new roof or some new shingles
Close up of repaired black chimney flashing on brick chimney
In some cases, we are able to effectively patch or repair your existing flashing. In other cases, we determine that it’s better to rip up the flashing and customize new flashing so that you won’t have to worry about your flashing leaking again.

Damaged flashing is sometimes indicative of a larger problem—for example: your roof may need to be replaced entirely. If we judge this to be the case, we are happy to recommend a local roofer who does great work at a fair price. We find that flashing tends to unite chimney technicians and roofers, as we often get calls about flashing installation to complement the installation of a new roof, and often call a roofer before we install flashing. Both jobs are best left to their respective experts.

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Waterproofing may be what’s needed to stop your leaking chimney and should be done by professionals like All Seasons Chimney.