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Our Video Inspections Give You An Up Close & Personal View Of Your Chimney System

Each video inspection conducted by one of All Seasons Chimney’s CSIA- certified sweeps is completed by using a closed circuit camera that allows our sweeps—and our clients—to get a very, very close look at the chimney and any of its problem areas. We use this camera during our inspections and following cleanings, which helps us verify that a chimney has been satisfactorily cleaned.


See Inside Your Chimney

Short of craning your neck and inserting it into your narrow, soot-stained chimney, it’s not particularly easy to get a look at the inside of your chimney. The truth is, it’s not much easier for your chimney sweep to see inside either. That’s part of the reason those of us at All Seasons Chimney have so celebrated the introduction of the video camera into our systematic approach to inspections and cleanings.

Though the use of cameras during inspections is still relatively new to the chimney industry, it has now become the standard. In fact, it is not recommended that you hire any chimney sweep company that doesn’t use a camera. This is a tool that has allowed more transparency in our industry, which is crucial to companies like ours where integrity is highly valued. While there are (unfortunately) chimney sweeps out there who are crooks, this tool draws a line in the sand and allows the truthful among us to show proof of our work. Plus, it really is gratifying to see the “before” and “after” photos of a quality chimney sweeping.

What Happens During A Chimney Inspection


You should only choose a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technician to work in your home, as the CSIA carefully trains and regulates its sweep companies to ensure that they follow all recommended safety guidelines during inspections. There are three levels of inspection outlined by the CSIA. Which level you receive will depend on the condition of your chimney, the problems detected or suspected, how long it’s been since your last inspection and sweeping, whether or not the home has recently changed hands, and whether or not you’ve suffered a chimney fire or a catastrophic weather event.

During each of our inspections, a certified technician will, at the bare minimum, do the following (though many of our inspections are more involved):

  • Examine the readily-accessible parts of your chimney’s interior and exterior
  • Examine readily-accessible parts of the heating appliance and the chimney connection
  • Check to see how structurally sound your chimney and flue are
  • Make sure that everything has been installed and connected correctly
  • Verify that the chimney is not blocked by any obstructions or combustible deposits

To schedule a chimney inspection, contact All Seasons Chimney, Inc. at (845) 567-1217 or click here to schedule online!


There are many reasons your chimney may need repair. All Seasons Chimney can help with all your chimney and fireplace service needs.


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He knew what he was doing and understood chimneys. He also educated me on my chimney. He takes pride in his work, he is punctual and cleanly.
~ Cornwall, NY Resident