Put A Crown Atop Your Chimney

Water is no friend to your chimney. Over time, if your chimney is left exposed to the elements, rainwater, sleet, and snow will break down and deteriorate every component of your chimney structure—from the brick and mortar to the liner that runs the length of your chimney to the firebox, and all the way down to your fireplace accessories and glass door. Chimney leaks also tend to manifest themselves as stains on the walls and ceilings adjacent to your chimney, and unfortunately water damage only worsens over time.

Crown Repair progression with five pictures the process from the start with damaged and cracked crown to finished repairs and new chimney caps
One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your chimney—and to avoid expensive repairs—is to keep rainwater out of it, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a chimney crown installed. At All Seasons Chimney, we have over 25 years of experience installing crowns for our customers in the greater New Windsor, New York area – that’s expertise you can trust!

Why You Need A Chimney Crown

If you leave your masonry chimney without a crown, you will eventually see some or all of the following signs of water damage, some of which necessitate costly repairs:

  • Rusted damper assemblies, fireplace accessories, and glass doors
  • Deteriorated metal or masonry firebox assemblies
  • Rotting wood adjacent to chimney
  • Crumbling mortar
  • Spalling or cracked bricks
  • Water damaged or stained walls and ceilings
  • Clogged clean-out area
  • Deteriorated HVAC system
  • Stained or decayed chimney exterior
  • Cracked or deteriorated flue lining system
  • Collapsed hearth support
  • Settled, tilted, or collapsed chimney structure
Completed crown repair with new double chimney cap installation

Count On Us For Crown Installation

All Seasons Chimney’s skilled technicians can measure for and install a crown specially designed to fit your chimney and made to wick water away from your chimney’s flue and onto your roof. However, if you are already seeing signs of a chimney leak, you’ll need to have the water damage repaired before the installation of your chimney crown.

Before and after with damaged crown on left and repaired crown with crown coat on the right
If you have water damage, you can trust All Seasons Chimney, Inc. to handle any needed repairs along with the installation of your new chimney crown. To schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians, give us a call at (845) 567-1217 or request an appointment online!

Chimney liners are a crucial part of safe fireplace use. We would be happy to talk with you about this type of chimney repair and answer all your questions.