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Many of today’s chimneys are prefabricated or “manufactured” – made of metal – which makes them a more cost-effective option for those who wish to install a wood stove or fireplace in their home. However, we find that a good deal of our customers still prefer the traditional look and durability of a masonry chimney, which dates back to at least the early 17th century. Still others have a prefabricated chimney but wish to surround it with brick and mortar to give it a sturdier and more traditional appearance. Whether you have a traditional masonry chimney or a brick and mortar surround, weather, time, and moisture damage and contribute to masonry decay. That’s where the experts at All Seasons Chimney, Inc. come in. We can give your masonry chimney the TLC it needs at a fair price!

Damaged chimney Masonry Before repairs on the left and after repairs on the right
Damaged chimney Masonry Before repairs on the left and after repairs on the right

Common Chimney Masonry Problems

No thanks to Mother Nature and Father Time, your chimney’s masonry is bound to take a beating over time. Here are some problems we often identify with our customers’ brick and mortar chimneys:

  • Stained masonry—mildew or efflorescence (a crystalline deposit)
  • Moss growth on masonry
  • Crumbling masonry
  • Spalling bricks (brick faces popping off)
  • Missing bricks
  • A leaning chimney

Many of these problems are indicative of other, unseen chimney problems, which can be identified during a professional chimney inspection (we recommend one annually). To prevent these problems from reoccurring, you’ll also want to address the cause. A certified chimney technician can recommend a plan of action that will keep your chimney in good condition year round.

Damaged chimney and crown masonry without chimney cap on the left and repaired masonry, crown, and new chimney cap on right

A Word On Waterproofing

Following any masonry repairs or tuckpointing work, we always recommend that you retain the good condition of your chimney by having it professionally waterproofed or sealed. The water-soluble, earth-friendly application that we use effectively keeps water out of your brick and mortar while still allowing your masonry to breathe (meaning toxic gases can be released from the masonry instead of trapped inside).

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In addition to chimney work, the pros at All Seasons Chimney handle dryer vent cleaning and repairs.


Stainless steel chimney liners can restore your chimney to safe operation. Call us for professional chimney repair services like this one and more.