Why Your Chimney Needs a Top-Sealing Damper

What if we told you there’s a way to save hundreds of dollars every year on your energy bills without weather-stripping, without replacing your windows, and without remembering to adjust your thermostat or to turn off the lights when you leave a room? There is a way, and it’s called a top-sealing chimney damper.

This energy-saving magic trick is a home improvement so great that you won’t be able to believe you haven’t taken advantage before. We know that just made us sound like a late-night infomercial, but our enthusiasm is genuine. Because everyone wants to save money on their energy bills, we really enjoy telling our customers in the New Windsor area about the benefits of a top-sealing damper, which uses a rubber seal to shut your chimney tight against the elements.

Top Mount Energy Damper Diagram
New Silver Top Mount Damper
Top Mount Chimney Damper installed on Masonry

All About The Chimney Damper

During the heat of summer or the cold of winter, you would never leave a window open day and night. For the same reason, you should never leave your chimney open to the elements. However, we believe that those who don’t have a top-sealing damper on their chimney are doing just that. Not only that, but without a top-sealing damper, your chimney is eating up so many of your energy dollars!

Dampers were once primarily installed at the “throat” of a chimney, just above the firebox. However, these throat dampers were made of cast iron and were notoriously leaky. Today’s top-sealing dampers are installed at the very top of your chimney and are virtually airtight, which keeps your conditioned air in and the outside air out.

There are even some damper models that will actually respond to a chimney fire by opening automatically. In fact, there are many varieties of dampers—with different functions, designs, and materials. The pros here at All Seasons Chimney can help you locate the right damper for you and your chimney – guaranteed.

How Do I Use A Top-Sealing Damper?

When you burn a fire in your fireplace or stove, you open the top-sealing damper to let smoke and toxic gases out. You’ll do this by turning a handle that’s mounted inside your firebox and attached to a long cable or chain. However, when you’re not burning a fire—which is, after all, most of the year—you will close your damper and keep it closed. By giving your chimney this airtight seal, you’ll keep your conditioned air inside of your home instead of letting it drift outside all year long. You’ll also be shutting out the temperature outside. Top-sealing dampers are easy to use, and in addition to energy savings they have all the same advantages of a chimney cap.

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It may be possible to install animal guards and spark arrestors to existing chimney caps or dampers. Let us talk with you about the best installation solution for your situation.