Let Us Install A Durable & Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Chase Cover!

A chase cover is designed to fit onto your prefabricated, wood-framed, or masonry chimney much like a shoebox top—except that there’s a hole in the top of this shoebox through which your chase (metal chimney pipe) will extend.

Damaged chase cover replacement progression from start to finish with brand new stainless steel chase cover and chimney caps
Those of us at All Seasons Chimney strongly recommend using stainless steel or copper chase covers with welded seams because these metals exhibit great strength, will not rust, and will stand up to water far better than galvanized steel.

Some of our stainless steel chase covers are guaranteed to last a lifetime, whereas a low-grade steel chase cover will need to be replaced at some point. When a galvanized chase cover rusts, you may find that you need to do more than just replace the chase cover itself. You may also need to repair water damage and rust stains along the sides of your chimney. In fact, rust stains on the chimney are, for many homeowners, the first sign that their chase cover needs attention. Others say they hear the sounds of water dripping down their chimney. In these cases, water damage repairs may need to be made prior to the installation of your new chase cover.

What Does A Chase Cover Do?

  • Keeps water out of your chimney
  • Keeps nesting birds and other animals out of your chimney
  • Keeps leaves and debris out of your chimney
  • Keeps sparks inside your chimney
  • Improves drafting performance
Before and after of Chase Cover Replacement Installation with rusted, damaged chase cover on left and new cover on right

We Custom Make Chase Covers

It’s important to have your chimney chase and its cover installed by a professional, as even the tiniest gap or hole on your chase cover can create big water damage problems. We at All Seasons Chimney have more than 25 years of experience custom-making, repairing, and installing chase covers for our customers in and around New Windsor, New York. When customizing your chase cover, our expert chase cover makers will consider:

  • Length and width of your chimney—we’ll measure accurately to the nearest 1/8”.
  • Hole measurements—your chase cover will require one or more holes through which the chase(s) can extend. The gap between the hole and your chase can be sealed with a storm collar or a sealant.
  • Collar height—depending on the design, we’ll install a collar that’s between 1” and 3” in height.
  • Skirt length—the average skirt is 3”, but the length of your chase cover’s “skirt” will depend on the design of your chimney. The skirt should be long enough to cover all exposed wood, with plenty of room for fasteners to go through the skirt and into the structure behind it.
  • Drip edge and diagonal creases—these creases will help keep water and snow from accumulating on your chase cover
  • Storm collar—your storm collar will be custom fit to your chase cover.

If you need a chase cover for your chimney, count on the pros at All Seasons Chimney to build you one that lasts. Call us at (845) 567-1217 or click here to schedule online.


A chimney cap is one of the simplest ways to keep water and other unwanted “stuff” out of your masonry chimney. Could this be the best installation solution for you?

Chase Cover Replacement Before & After - Top - Rusted, damaged chase cover on chimney with vinyl siding - Bottom - New Chase Cover and Caps