Need To Have A Metal Chimney Installed Or Repaired?

Stainless steel prefabricated chimney flue installed on roof

Prefabricated chimneys were introduced in the 1960s as a more affordable alternative to masonry chimneys. To spot a factory-made chimney, you’ll look for a metal pipe, rather than a stack of bricks, extending from the roof. These chimneys are most often connected to metal fireboxes or other factory-made heating appliances.

Though the prefab chimney looks very different than the masonry chimney, its job is exactly the same: to protect your home from heat transfer, to safely transfer toxic gases from your firebox to the outside of your home, and to guard against water intrusion. All Seasons Chimney has decades of experience installing and connecting prefabricated fireplaces and chimneys, and we can teach you how to safely and efficiently use and take care of your appliance for maximum enjoyment.

Do you have a prefab chimney but long for the traditional look of a masonry chimney? You may want to consider having a masonry shell built around your metal chimney. By doing so, you’ll get the look of a masonry chimney without the expense of having an entire brick and mortar chimney built. This is a service we’re happy to provide for our customers in the Hudson Valley area.

Count On Us To Install And Maintain Your Prefab Chimney

Stainless steel prefabricated chimney installed on outside of house

The performance of your factory-made chimney is critical to your safety and to your enjoyment of and confidence in your fireplace. Your All Seasons Chimney professionals will help you understand the intricacies of how a chimney works and what components it has to have to function the way it’s designed to.

For instance, if you have a metal chimney, you will need to have a chimney cap installed that’s specially designed to fit atop your chimney and keep rainwater, snow, nesting birds and other critters out. These caps generally include a mesh screen, and some will even protect your chimney from wind-induced down drafts.

In addition to annual inspections, it’s likely that your metal chimney will eventually need the attention of a professional. We’ve got you covered! After you hire All Seasons Chimney to install your prefabricated chimney, you can also count on us to maintain your chimney over the years. Just like any complex system, parts of your chimney will eventually wear out and need replacing.

Ready to have your prefabricated chimney installed? Call All Seasons Chimney at (845) 567-1217 or click here. You can count on us to handle all of your fireplace, stove, and chimney needs.


Stainless steel chase covers will keep all unwanted animals and debris out of your prefabricated chimney for years and years…and years. Does your chimney need this type of installation? Ask us.