Forward Schedule Your Chimney Service

Now that summer is in full swing, your calendar is likely full of baseball games and family road trips. Before you know it, the first day of school will be up next, which means fall will be soon arriving. When you go from one busy season right into another one, it can be hard to remember to take care of everything on your home maintenance checklist. One of your most important responsibilities as a homeowner is to schedule your annual professional chimney sweeping and inspection services. National fire safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend completing chimney maintenance before lighting the first fire of the year. Therefore, All Seasons Chimney recommends scheduling your appointment as soon as possible. We have proudly provided professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services to the lower Hudson Valley area for over 25 years. We would like to tell you the advantages of forward scheduling and our professional chimney sweeping services.

Why should I forward schedule my chimney maintenance services?

Forward Schedule Your Chimney Service - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons ChimneyAll Seasons Chimney is extremely busy every fall preparing the chimneys of the Hudson Valley for fireplace season. Between September and December, it can be difficult to schedule an appointment with our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps. If you forward schedule your appointment with us, you will have a much easier time getting the most convenient date and time for you. Therefore, you will not have to wait for weeks to get your fireplace going in the fall. All you have to do is schedule your annual services when you have your chimney swept and inspected this year.

What can I expect from a professional chimney sweeping and inspection from All Seasons Chimney?

When our sweeps arrive at your home, they begin by protecting your home from dirt and debris during the process. We lay tarps and drop cloths around the fireplace area while setting up a high-powered vacuum. Our sweeps will then use specialized tools to remove every bit of hazardous creosote and soot. Next, our sweeps provide a Level 1 chimney inspection to make sure there are no flue blockages, damage, or other hazardous issues. We will provide you with a written inspection report. If we do find any problems, we will give you a fair and honest estimate of the necessary chimney repairs.

Make sure your chimney is safe to use on the first cool day this fall. Contact us today at All Seasons Chimney to forward schedule your annual professional chimney maintenance services!