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Leaks Near Your Fireplace May Be In Your Chimney

Have you noticed water stains on the ceiling? Perhaps peeled wallpaper on the walls in the same room as your fireplace? If so, you most likely have a leaky chimney! Fortunately, if you live in the lower Hudson Valley area, All Seasons Chimney can help you. We have been specializing in fixing leaky chimneys for over 25 years, so you can trust us to keep the water out of your chimney. We would like to tell you more about our services that allow us to be able to take care of leaky chimneysFLASHING

Over our years of working on leaky chimneys, we have seen some poorly constructed flashing systems. In fact, we have even seen extensive chimney damage that resulted from bad flashing jobs. In order to best protect the vulnerable area where your chimney meets the roof, you need a customized flashing system. All Seasons Chimney will take precise measurements of your chimney at the roof. This is to get the perfectly sized sheets of metal to wrap around the chimney. In doing this, you will not have to worry about gaps forming in one of our flashing systems.


When water is leaking into your chimney and home, several problems can result. This includes corrosion damage to your chimney liner. Whether you have a clay tile or metal liner, exposure to water can cause the liner to crack and break apart. All Seasons Chimney can restore the safety of your chimney with a cast-in-place liner. In addition, we can also install a new stainless steel liner!


If you do have a chimney leak, All Seasons Chimney can find the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs. This includes replacing damaged bricks and mortar joints with tuckpointing and other masonry techniques. After we have finished the repairs, we can give your chimney the ultimate protection against water penetration. We do this by applying a waterproofing formula to your entire chimney. As recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), we only use formulas that are 100 percent vapor permeable. That way, moisture inside the masonry materials can escape instead of being trapped.

If you have seen any signs of water leaks near your fireplace, do not ignore them! Contact us at All Seasons Chimney to schedule an appointment for our professional chimney leak repair and maintenance services.