Fireplace Update Options for Spring & Summer

When most of us think about an update for our fireplace, two questions come to mind: How much does it cost & how much time will it take to get it completed? Both of these are typical questions we get here at All Seasons Chimney, Inc., and the answers are very much dependent on what it is you are looking to do.

Let’s dive into some of your choices for this upcoming spring and summer season.

But First Consider…

Before diving into your updates, first you’ll need to figure out what you need – a repair, an upgrade, or a changeout? Once we have that information, we can go to work for you, developing a plan of action to get you want you need to be.

Do You Need Repairs?

Spring Updates - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons flowerSometimes the timing isn’t right for an update, and you’ll need to spend some time addressing repairs. Or maybe you’ve known for some time that there’s a repair that’s been needed, and you’re ready to get that done now. If you’ve not been able to use your fireplace or stove because it’s damaged, then there’s even a bigger need (and desire) to get it done. 

Repairs may have to do with smoke getting into the house, cracks in the flue, problems with the throat damper, or water intrusion into the chimney. All of these issues can cause you to stop using the fireplace, which is never something a homeowner wants. Spring and summer is a great time to get these repairs completed while your fireplace already isn’t facing use.

Ready for an Updrade?

Considering an upgrade to what you already have? One of the most popular upgrades we see are inserts, which help hold the heat in the home longer – as opposed to most of it going up the flue. This is a great addition up here in the Poughkeepsie and Peekskill New York areas.

Inserts can be used for both wood-burning and gas-burning fireplaces. You have to have an existing fireplace that is structurally sound and built for the fuel type that is desired. These units also need to be vented. The good news is that, whether you need a gas insert or a wood-burning insert, we have a lot of design and style options to choose from.

If you have a fireplace that does match your furniture or your style, choosing the right insert can totally change a room from traditional to contemporary (or vice versa).

How long does this process take? Most of the time, inserts can be added in a day as long as the rest of the venting system is in good working order. It’s definitely one to think about if you’re wanting to update that fireplace this year – and spring and summer is the perfect time to do so.

Interested in a Changeout?

The difference between an upgrade to your system and a changeout is that upgrades add onto what you currently have. A changeout, on the other hand, is taking what you have out and putting something totally new into that spot. This might mean changing out a fireplace or insert with one that still burns the same type of fuel, but works more efficiently or looks more aesthetically pleasing – or both!

Spring Updates - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons gasAnother type of changeout that you might be interested in is changing the unit from wood-burning to gas or gas to wood-burning. It can be relatively easy to change one to another, but this isn’t always the case. It will depend on gas line location, accessibility, and more. No matter your situation, though, we can help make it a smooth transition for you and your household.

And, just like with the inserts, you can change the look and feel of your home with the choice of a fireplace. Combine that with the fact that these units are some of the most efficient ever produced, and you’ve got a win-win.

Note: The chimney and venting system has to be intact and in good working order to be able to make this change a one-day event. If work needs to be done in order for the unit to work properly, we’ll be able to determine that, as well as the added time it would take.

Decisions, Decisions…

It can be a challenge to make the right decision, no matter what your fireplace update option might be. And while most people will start with looking at all the units available, we would suggest you start by talking to a qualified company that works with these units everyday. It’ll make the process of getting the right one for your space easier than ever.

What all will we take into consideration when helping you make this decision? There are pressure issues to consider, the size of the room or house you want to help heat, the current condition of your venting system, the type of upgrade, and more. You can find information online for some of these issues, but let’s face it – all that jargon and mismatching info can be confusing.

We’d love the opportunity to walk you through this process and help you with the best options to accomplish the goals you have for the upgrade. Simplify your life by reaching out todayWhether you are still gathering information or ready to go, call us at 845-567-1217 to get started!