Want A Wood Stove That Won’t Send You To Confession? Check Out The New, Cleaner-Burning, EPA-Certified Wood Stoves From Olympia!

Nothing incites comfort and relaxation like a wood stove, but many homeowners go without in efforts to be more environmentally friendly. If you’ve always wanted to enhance your home with a wood stove but you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, we’ve got good news: modern wood stoves from Olympia aren’t like the stoves of old. While they remain just as charming, just as beautiful, and just as good at keeping you and your family warm, these wood stoves are highly efficient, produce lower emissions, and are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In other words, you can enjoy everything you love about wood stoves, without the things you don’t love, like environmental guilt.

All Seasons Chimney - Wood Stove HEI -240

Wood Stove HEI -240

All Seasons Chimney -Wood Stove HE-150

Wood Stove HE-150

But Olympia wood stoves aren’t just good for the eco-conscious — they’re good for those looking for a more relaxing fireside experience, too! A more efficient stove means a more complete burn, which means more fire and heat using less wood. That’s more time spent relaxing in front of the stove and less time spent running out to get more firewood. Ah, what’s not to love?

So if you’ve been dreaming of adding a wood stove to your home, it’s time to take a look at the HEI-1501 and the HEI-2401 from Olympia. These wood stoves are everything you want and nothing you don’t want.

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