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Spring Dryer Vent Cleaning

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. The snow melts along with warm breezes and greenery all around. However, with spring comes spring cleaning, and this means it’s time to give All Seasons Chimney a call and set up an appointment to get a professional dyer vent cleaning.  Your dryer vents need to be cleaned out yearly, this keeps it running efficiently and keeps your family safe from potential hazards. Our team of experts are skilled at cleaning dryer vents along with chimney inspection, sweeping, and repairs, give us a call now!

What Happens When Your Clothes Dry

man at the dryerYou may be wondering why you need to clean out your dryer vent so often. When you wash your clothes, tiny fibers are released from the clothes into the water. When you throw the wet clothes into the dryer, those tiny fibers go along. Your dryer is basically a drum with tumblers attached to the interior. These tumblers carry your wet clothes up to the top of the drum, at which point they fall back down to the bottom.

Warm air is pushed through the drum, and as the clothes fall to the bottom of the drum, that air is pushed through the clothes, drying it out as the cycle continues. This air is pushed through the lint screen, and those tiny fibers get stuck in the screen. That’s what forms that blanket of lint after every load or two of laundry. Some of the tiny fibers actually get through the screen and float down the dryer vent and into the outdoors. Because the fibers are damp, some get trapped on the sides of the vent tubing, building a layer of lint that can cause major problems for your clothes dryer.

Problems With a Clogged Dryer Vent

As the lint build up, it gets thicker inside your dryer vent, the hole through which the air flows gets narrower. You may notice that your clothes are taking longer to dry, sometimes two or more cycles. This means bigger electric bills and more work for your dryer’s motor. As the motor works harder and gets hotter each time you use it, eventually the motor could burn out, causing expensive repairs. However, the scary fact is that lint buildup is very flammable, and all it takes is one spark for a fire to break out.

Call for a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Today

It is so important to get your dryer vent cleaned out at least annually, and you’re in luck! The expert crew at All Seasons Chimney not only takes care of chimney, they also clean dryer vents! Give our team a call soon to schedule an appointment.