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Masonry Chimney Damage: What to Watch For

Masonry Chimney Damage: What to Watch For Image - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons Chimney Inc.Even though masonry chimneys are built to last a lifetime, they can still suffer from damage and deterioration. The exterior of your chimney is always exposed to the elements of weather, including rain, ice, and snow. No matter how well built your chimney may be, it can still be affected by water penetration. Winter weather can be exceptionally rough on masonry materials. Think about the number of potholes that appear on the roads after a winter snowstorm. This is an example of spalling damage, which can also happen to your chimney. Spring is a great time to check out the exterior of your chimney to see if you have any cracked, chipped, loose, or missing bricks and mortar joints. All Seasons Chimney would like to tell you more about this masonry damage and how we can help to prevent it from occurring to your chimney in the future.

How does spalling damage occur to my chimney?

Masonry materials like bricks and mortar are porous, which means they naturally absorb water from rain and melted ice and snow. This water becomes trapped inside your bricks and mortar joints, and when winter comes, this trapped water freezes and expands every time the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water thaws, its force causes the bricks and mortar to break apart, which leads to cracking and chipping. After repeated freeze/thaw cycles, the bricks and mortar joints can become loose and even fall from the chimney’s structure. This type of masonry damage should be repaired as soon as possible because if left unrepaired, this damage can deteriorate into more serious problems, including the collapse of your chimney.

How can All Seasons Chimney repair and prevent this type of masonry damage?

Our expert chimney technicians have years of masonry repair experience, and we use techniques like tuckpointing to replace damaged bricks and mortar joints. We can remove damaged mortar and replace it with new mortar by tucking it between bricks with pointed tools. After we have completed the masonry repairs, we offer waterproofing services that will protect your chimney from water penetration. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends waterproofing because it creates a barrier against water being absorbed into the bricks and mortar. We only use 100% vapor permeable formulas that allow vapors to escape from the masonry materials. Clear sealants and paint will trap in these vapors, which causes even more spalling damage.

Have you noticed this type of masonry damage on your chimney this spring? Contact us at All American Chimney Service to schedule an appointment for our masonry repair and waterproofing services today.