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Chimney leaks are bound to happen now and then, especially if regular maintenance is ignored and preventive measures aren’t in place. Fortunately for those living in Poughkeepsie, we can help with it all.

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Chimney with water damage

Water & Your Chimney: The Ultimate Foes

What many fail to recognize is that water can take a serious toll on your seemingly strong chimney.

It seeps into the pores of your brickwork, breaks down your mortar joints, causes metal components to rust, and can cause unsightly stains to form. And if this damage spreads to the rest of your home, you’ll be dealing with peeling wallpaper, rotted woodwork, and potential mold growth.

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How Can All Seasons Stop Water Damage?

The good news is that, if you have water leaks, our team can resolve them, and then help you prevent them. Count on us for flashing repairs, relining services, chimney cap installations, masonry repair services, chase cover installations, and more.

Whatever issue you’re dealing with, we have solutions for you.

Chase Covers, Chimney Crowns & Chimney Caps - Poughkeepsie NY - All Seasons social
Chimney with water damage

Seeing Signs of Leaks? Give Us a Call Today

If you’re noticing signs of leaks, such as rusted components, standing water in your firebox, a musty odor in your flue, or crumbling masonry, don’t wait to give us a call. The sooner we can address these issues, the more affordable and manageable any repairs will be.

We’d love to help you out soon – reach out today!

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